Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Perfect Spring Day

This was the first warm day this year. Wall to wall sunshine and not a cloud in the sky. The blossom has exploded all round the garden. The crab apple blossom is unfurling it's wonderful pink buds to reveal white flowers within. Come autumn the fruits will be bright cherry red. They will last well into the winter. The birds love them so it gives a little extra cheer for our feathered friends when times are hard.

The cherry blossom is just at it's best. It lasts such a short time but it is oh so pretty. In another few days it will blow across the lawn like pink confetti. Come Autumn it's leaves will turn scarlet and gold a final show of beauty before the winter settles in


Vicky (victoria sponge) said...

Your blossom trees look beautiful. Cherry blossom is my favourite. We have so many gorgeous blossom trees around Tenbury that it always reminds me of home!
Vicky xxx

Anonymous said...

Don't the gardens look lovely when the weather is so good! I couldn't resist getting the camera out earlier on today to take a picture of an azalea we have and a beautiful acer tree, all salmon pink now but in a couple of weeks it will be a different colour entirely! Your blossom looks beautiful too.Lilsgirl.

Anna said...

Beautiful - I love cherry blossom!