Thursday, 20 August 2009

Family Heirloom

I have long admired this table which belonged to my Mother in Law(GG as she is known). My husband's father sent it back from India before going on to Burma during the second world war. After reading a post on Grannymar's about a similar table I suddenly remembered about it. It had always been promised to me but I hadn't seen it for ages.

I asked GG about it after reading Grannymar's post. It had been sitting happily beside her chair covered with a crotched 'skip cover'. This term was coined by my brother in law. GG is a great hoarder of stuff. Rather than sort out and put her collections away she crochets a blanket and covers the eyesore with it. Hence the crotched skip covers.

It has suffered a bit of damage. Only one tusk from the elephant legs remains and some of the ivory inlay in the centre was dug out by my brother in law when he was a wee boy. He says it is around somewhere so who knows it may turn up yet. I think it is a most beautiful piece of furniture. It has 'Made in British India' stamped on the underside of the table. All the little pieces of white are inlaid ivory. The wood has taken on that glorious patina only time can give.

It is a much treasured possession. I am it's custodian until it will be passed on to the next generation. It is a memory of a much loved man. One of many who went through God only knows what to fight for our freedom. Bless you Bill. You are still very much in our hearts after twenty five years. It is an honour to care for this wonderful item.


George said...

That really is a beautiful table Brenda.

Gloria said...

Brenda this table is absolutely adorable!! I love it! With hubby I love this type of antiques, I have a little Japan table of a Antie , yours is lovely!!! xGloria

Anonymous said...

Granny, what a wonderful table and such an interesting story behind it. It does look as if it has been long cherished.

Francesca x

Grannymar said...

Another lovely treasure!

I am glad to have given you the push to rediscover it.


Rhyleysgranny said...

George Thank you. I am very pleased with it

Gloria Isn't it lovely to have things from times past around you? If only they could speak.

Fran Thank you. I also have a sewing box sent back by him. It is beautifully carved and yes I still use it as a sewing box.

Granny Thank you for giving me the push. It gives me a wee thrill every morning when I see it there

Mary said...

How lucky to have a table so lovely and of so much value. Treasure this table !

Gloria said...

Brenda I love antiques are fabulous, speak me as you say!! I have and antique sew machine of my grand ma and I love it!! xGloria

Lauren said...

What a beautiful table :) I have 2 bog oak chairs given to me by my great-uncle: he says they are from the 1600s, brought over from Scotland by the McConnells as they fled religious persecution. Since he also thought Jesuits were taking over the world and stopped talking to my dad when he bought a German car, I am reserving judgement on them until I get them officially dated!!!

Rhyleysgranny said...

Lauren - LOL about the car. I have relations called McConnell here. That is an interesting detail. I must tell my cousin. I hope your chairs are that old. What a wonderful treasure. See you on the antiques road show ;)

Gloria - I also have an old swing machine in a gorgeous cabinet. It doesn't get used as sewing machines and I don't get on. LOL

Mary - It is very much treasured :)

jaygirl said...

Brenda that is a lovely wee table, and a lovly story behind it, I love the "skip covers".

Rhyleysgranny said...

Rita - I thought you would like the 'skip covers' ;)