Friday 14 March 2008


This would be my normal breakfast. Banana on toast and the juice of 5 or 6 oranges. I always start the day this way so I know I am getting a good fruit intake. Occasionally I have blueberries and yoghurt too. The health benefits of oranges are huge. I started on this regime as I was very aware I did not eat enough fruit. I eat vegetables but the cooking does away with a lot of the vitamin content. After a few days I noticed the eternal tiredness that had been dogging me for a long time seemed to have gone. A little research was required.
It seems the humble orange helps reduce blood pressure, lower cholesterol and helps prevent certain cancers. It reduces inflammation in arthritis, helps prevent cardiovascular disease and may help with memory problems. Amazing. I provide you with the link given to me by Karen as there is a great deal of interesting reading. My problem is as soon as I have drunk my 500mls of orange juice the first thing I want is a mug of strong sweet freshly ground coffee. Oh well I can't get it right all the time

Cheers here's health.


Anonymous said...

Sorry , this isn't about today's subject, but had to tell you what we had for our evening meal just now.
When I walked into Asda yesterday guess what was on special offer, corned beef! I remembered seeing your recipe and bought some, something I haven't bought for years! Well, we've just had corned beef hash and really enjoyed it , you should hae see my OH's face, he was chuffed I can tell you. Really tasty and so easy to put together, shall have to keep it in my repetoire for again. THANK YOU, Brenda. Jeannette

Rhyleysgranny said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed. My OH loves it.

hungryandfrozen said...

I only just found your blog! What gorgeous photos and lovely writing you have :) Can't wait to read through it all.

Kelly-Jane said...

That's a great way to make sure you get a good start to the day, I ought to join you!