Monday 17 March 2008

Lemon Chicken and Sticky Garlic Potatoes

To me Nigella is at her best in this book. It has become my kitchen bible. The pictures are wonderful. They set the juices flowing and make diving in and trying something an absolute must. Most of the recipes are simple and easy to follow. This particular one for Lemon Chicken is rolled out most Sundays in our house.. There is little to the recipe. It requires half a lemon in the cavity of the bird and the skin covered in butter then roasted at 180.C at the usual 20minutes to the pound. When cooked the bird is left to rest for a little while with the other half of the lemon squeezed over it. Remove the chicken to the carving board and make the gravy from the pan juices. This to me is what makes it very special. Add a little water and de glaze. Reduce it down. Nigella says to make a small but very intensely flavoured gravy but there is no flavour lost if you leave a biggish volume and sprinkle a little flour in, whisk and let it cook for a few minutes to thicken. Simple but mouthwateringly delicious.

Although not the recommended accompaniment to the lemon Chicken, Sticky Garlic Potatoes are also from Feast. I find theses a perfect compromise between roast and mashed potatoes. Nigella recommends new potatoes with skins on but it works equally well with old potatoes peeled. It can be prepared in advance by boiling the potatoes and leaving them without the lid on the pot until you need them. Heat some oil or your favourite fat in a roasting tin in the oven. If the potatoes are new smash them a bit with the end of a rolling pin. If old potatoes and peeled a fork will probably suffice. Add a few squashed garlic cloves. Put the whole lot into the roasting tin and cook at 180.C-200.C for about half an hour. Half way through turn them over in the pan and return to the oven until golden brown

Simple but delicious.


hungryandfrozen said...

That looks like the perfect Sunday meal! I love Feast, too - it seems like every time I read it there is something new to discover or inspire me. I've made those potatoes before- seriously moreish!

Thinking About Food said...

I have recently bought Feast (due to the rave reviews it always gets on Violets) and totally agree, it is a goodie! I have already made a ton of things from it, funnily enough this lemon chicken was dinner the other night! It was very well received! Yours looks lovely!

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work.