Thursday, 13 January 2011

Potato Wheaten Bread

I love all the local (Irish)  breads. From those made on the griddle  wheaten and soda farls, potato bread and pancakes to the oven soda and wheaten (brown soda) bread. I am a great fan of potato bread, called lovingly by locals as"Tatie Bread", which is a flat unleavened bread made with potato and flour. I got to wondering what it would be like to combine the potato with the oven soda and wheaten. Naturally I had to give it a go.

I made two versions One Wheaten Potato loaf (top) and the other my hubby has called the Ulster Fry loaf as the flavours are just like our traditional Ulster Breakfast Fry in a slice. They were both a great success I have to report. At their best straight from the oven and if any left after a day or two, just heaven toasted with lots of butter. Well I didn't say they were healthy did I?

Wheaten Potato


500 gms/ 1lb 2 oz Wholemeal/whole wheat flour
250 gms/9 oz approximately of cooked mashed potato
1 teaspoon Baking Soda
2 Teaspoons Cream of Tartar
1 teasp of salt
300mls milk
1 egg beaten
50gms/2 oz butter chopped.


Pre heat oven to 200.C/180.C fan/400.F/Gas6

Put the potatoes into a large jug and gradually beat in the milk until you get a mixture resembling wall paper paste.
Tip in most of the egg reserving a little for glazing.
Sift the flour, baking soda, cream of tartar and salt into a large bowl
Rub in the butter with your finger tips
Add the milk and potato mixture and stir until you have a soft dough.
Empty onto a floured work top and knead gently to shape with well floured hands as  it is a a sticky mixture. The potatoes make it so.
I bake mine in a well buttered 7 inch brownie pan but you could use a round cake pan
Slash a cross on the top of the dough
Glaze with the remaining egg
Bake for 30-40 minutes until golden brown and a skewer comes out clean.

For the Ulster Fry Bread replace the wholemeal flour with plain /all purpose flour and add two or three pieces of finely chopped fried smoked bacon  and two finely chopped scallions/spring onions to the mix. Omit the salt as the bacon adds enough.


I have given the method by hand but I make this in the Food Processor which makes life a lot quicker,easier and less sticky . Just whizz the dry ingredients then whizz in the chopped butter then add the milk mixture and whizz again.

If you don't have cream of tartar use buttermilk or milk soured with lemon juice as the bicarbonate of soda needs the acid.

For those of you who have never seen an Ulster Fry this is it. Not my photo as I usually only make a 'fry' when we have guests and a delay would not be tolerated. I wouldn't take the risk.


manu said...

Mhhh sounds delicious! LOL

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

That bread looks delicious and wonderfully smooth!



Lucie said...

Looks divine... That Ulster Fry has my mouth watering! Hope you are well. Lucie xx

From Beyond My Kitchen Window said...

I love home made bread. Yours look delicious.

Gloria said...

I love this bread Brenda, look amazing and divine! gloria

Ocean Breezes and Country Sneezes said...

Your bread looks delicious! I'll bet it was yummy right out of the oven with butter and maybe some jam! I just baked and posted about some maple muffins that were out of this world! I may be giving your recipe a try! Have a wonderful day! I enjoyed my visit today!

Brownieville Girl said...

Thanks a million for this Granny - looks delicious.

I'll be trying this next time we have mashed potatoes for dinner!

Marie said...

Oh that looks soooooo good Granny, as does the big brekkie at the bottom! A rare treat here as well! xxoo

Rhyleysgranny said...

Thank you everyone. I hope you enjoy if you make it?

Dom at Belleau Kitchen said...

can't believe I nearly missed this post!... looks heavenly... can't wait to give it a go in Feb when i'm back on the carb train!

Choclette said...

Both these loaves look lovely, but the top one looks especially good - lovely colour and texture.