Monday, 28 December 2009

Candy Cane Cookies

While doing my Christmas shopping I bought some candy canes. I had never seen them in the shops here before and I thought they would be lovely on the tree for my grand children. As is usual for me I bought too many but they looked so pretty and I was so delighted to find them on this side of the pond I couldn't resist. I was wandering around the blogs when I found a lovely recipe using candy canes made by Recipegirl She is in America and used little white chocolate morsels with white and pink stripes made by Hershey which we can't get here. They looked lovely and her pics are gorgeous. The correct name for them is peppermint bark Cookies but Rhyley called them Candy Cane Cookies so I stuck with that. They are lovely. Until now I didn't know these little sweets were peppermint flavoured. So easy to make and a perfect way to use up those candy canes you have still hanging on your Christmas tree. The other biscuits in the picture are Rocky Roads. The recipe for those can be found here. In this version I used Amaretti biscuits instead of tea biscuits and added a handful of dried cranberries.

Candy Cane Cookies

2 cups all purpose flour
1/4 tsp salt
1 cup (2 sticks) unsalted butter, at room temperature
1 cup granulated sugar
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 large egg yolk
6 ounces dark or milk chocolate, or a mix of the two, chopped (or use chocolate chips)
6-8 candy canes crumbled
2 ounces white chocolate

1. Preheat oven to 350°F. Spray 13×9x2-inch metal baking pan with nonstick spray. Line bottom of pan with long strip of 9-inch-wide parchment paper, leaving overhang on both short sides of pan.

2. Whisk flour and salt in medium bowl. Using electric mixer, beat butter in large bowl until creamy, about 2 minutes. Gradually beat in sugar. Continue beating until mixture is light and fluffy, stopping occasionally to scrape down sides of bowl, about 3 minutes. Beat in vanilla, then egg yolk. Gradually add flour mixture, beating on low speed just to blend.

3. Drop dough by tablespoonfuls into prepared baking pan, spacing evenly. Using moistened fingertips, press dough to form even layer over bottom of pan. Pierce dough all over with fork.

4. Bake cookie base until light golden brown and slightly puffed and edges begin to come away from sides of pan, about 30 minutes. Place pan on rack; immediately sprinkle the chopped chocolate over. Let stand until chocolate softens, about 3 minutes. Using small offset spatula, spread chocolate over top of cookie in thin even layer. Immediately sprinkle chopped candy cane kisses over (or candy canes).

5. Stir white chocolate in medium metal bowl set over saucepan of simmering water until melted and smooth. If it’s too tough and thick to stir, add a tiny drizzle of vegetable oil or 1/2 tsp. of shortening to thin it out. Remove from over water. Using fork, drizzle white chocolate all over cookies. Chill until white chocolate is set, about 30 minutes.

6. Using paper overhang as aid, lift cookie from pan and transfer to work surface. Using large knife, cut cookie into irregular pieces.

Cooking Tips:
Can be made 1 week ahead. Store in refrigerator (or freezer) in airtight containers between layers of waxed paper or parchment paper. Can be stored in the freezer for several weeks.

Yield: About 36 pieces

My notes - I chopped the chocolate in the food processor and also the candy canes. Leave the candy cane crushing until the last minute as the crumbs go sticky and clump together making sprinkling a bit difficult.

With thanks to RecipeGirl for this.


Grannymar said...

They look pretty!

May 2010 be filled with health and happiness, food and friendship. One of my resolutions for the year ahead is to actually meet up with you for a coffee and a chat.

Gloria said...

Dear Brenda this look absolutely cute and lovely!! I love them.
Have a nice and beauty New Year with all you love, Cheers for frienship!!! hugggs gloria

Nickki said...

They look so good Granny! What a fun sound recipe. I must try this next christmas :-) I had trouble finding peppermint candy canes this year (There were plenty in the shops but I just left it too late) so next year I think I'll snap a box or two in November, just to be safe! Lol

Rosa's Yummy Yums said...

Those are original cookies! Very pretty!

Best wishes for the New Year!



Andras said...

Grenny, an affectionate greeting to you and your family. The 2010 ports that you and your family want, above all peace, health and happiness.
Kiss. Silvy!

babbler said...

Those would be great with mint tea...I shall light the candycane soy candle I got for Christmas! Join me, won't you? Love, Mrs. Slug

Clabby said...

Oh Granny, I binned the candy canes that were lying about here as I didn't know what else to do with them! Will have to print and file this one for next year.

Coby said...

Hi Granny - I love this idea thank you:) I too found a recipe for using up leftover candy canes...which means it's OK for the likes of us to continue to accidentally 'overbuy' right?:)

Happy New Year!

Lucie said...

Wonderful Brenda! They look delicious. Hope you are having a good Christmas time. Happy new year to you and yours. Love Lucie x

islandgal246 said...

Thank you for your wishes and for stopping by my blog. Wishing you and your family and happy and healthy New Year. Now please don't forget to email me when you get here.


Cynthia said...

Happy New Year!

Sophie said...

Happy new Year & these candy cane cookies look beautiful & ooh so tasty too!

Rhyleysgranny said...

GrannyM- That is a date I shall look forward to. x

Gloria - Thank you and Happy New Year to you too x

Nikki - I will be buying again for that reason x

Rosa - Thank you and happy new Year to you. x

Sylvy - Happy New Year x

Mrs Slug you are welcome here and yes I'll join you in that cuppa x

Clabby - LOL. You'll know next year x

Coby - LOL My philosophy completely x

Lucie - Happy New Year to you too x

Ilandgal - I surely will. I can hardly wait to escape these sub zero temperatures

Happy New Year Cynthia x

Carol said...

I ran right in the kitchen and started a batch of these! I can't wait to taste them! Thanks for sharing the recipe. I'll post it on my blog with a link back to you, if that's ok? Stop by and visit me sometime!

Bridgett said...

These look absolutely decadent. I hope you had a wonderful holiday and I wish you the best for 2010. Take care, my friend.

Lucie said...

Hi Brenda,
I've just been given an award for my blog and am now passing it on to you as one of my favourite blogs. To collect the award go to my blog

It does take a while to do this, so please don't feel obligated :)
Love Lucie x

Rhyleysgranny said...

Carol - Hello and welcome. I am going to pop across to your blog now. I hope you enjopyed these.

Bridgett - Thank you for your lovely greetings. I return your good wishes wholeheartedly.x

Lucie - Thank you so much for the award. I will collect it but I have to tell you I am not very good with these awards but I appreciate the gesture and the complement so much. x

Cynthia said...

What is it about your recipes that makes me want to charge off to the kitchen and make them. - what a lovely compliment. Thank you!

Talita said...

What a yummy treat! Looks cute.